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I wish I had known more about the abortion procedure. 

First Trimester 

( MAP, RU-486, Suction D & C)

Second Trimester  & Third Trimester 

(D & E, Prostaglandin Induction, D & X,

Intra-Cardiac Injection, Saline Injection


Click here to watch an animated video of a surgical abortion procedure


Fetal Development

I wish SOMEONE had told me the truth about the development of the fetus. I believed if there was no heartbeat there was no life.  Little did I know that the heart begins beating between 18 and  22 days.

From Fertilization to Week 6

From Week 7 to Week 12

From Week 13 to Week 24


Side Effects

Other than the possibility that there could be some physical side effects, I wish I had known the possible emotional and mental side effects. I would have liked to have been prepared for what was to come. 






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As someone who has made the choice to abort, has experienced the side effects, and is completely honest with herself (and with you), I believe I can be a listening ear, a guiding thought, or a voice of truth.

It's Your Choice